What ideas do you guys have?

Bedwars, skywars, hunger games, hns, flood

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sounds like a lot of fun, you should definitely try creating the map on hammer 2.

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I think building tools would be one of the biggest things regarding sandbox. Admin tool would be really cool in my opinion.

A scenebuilding / posing gamemode, with multiplayer collaboration, in VR.

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I want to create parkour maps, one that you can race through with friends.
I Really loved parkour games like mirrors edge.


I like it)

maybe make something like mirrors edge but the main player model is a cat

Gamemode like Gmod Tower with VR support. Multiplayer VR fighting games, DarkRP for smaller maps, and some sort of RP gamemode for bigger maps with better realism, etc…


a friend of mine and i will likely be doing a full blown social hub in the likes of gmt tbh, however it’s gonna be interesting to see what other people come up with :0


Something like Sims?

nah we’re borrowing an idea a certain someone couldn’t execute, although it’s not set in stone :passenger_ship:


Lol fair enough and what ever it is I wish you guys the best of luck haha xD

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Omg. This is amazing. I was thinking about the exact same thing when I played FiveM (basically SAMP for GTA 5). I love city-builders, micromanaging stuff and sandbox, but the idea is way too big for me to do it from start to finish. :frowning:

I hope someone will actually make something like it, I’d spend hundreds or even thousands of hours playing it. :smiley:

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I really like your idea on this, start planning early on, getting familiar with the tools will definitely speed up the process when the game gets released to the public.

You got this man, you got this!

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I think there’s a lot of potential in deathmatch-type gamemodes, especially with the new engine having improved physics

Hah, thanks for the encouragement, but it’s most likely going to be unrealized. I’ve not got much free time to spend on a full project :slight_smile:


Ah no worries man, you can always work on it little by little whenever you feel like it. No Pressure ^^

Stay safe my friend.

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I reserved sandboxaddons.com & sandboxmods.com a few months ago, looking forward to working on server and map stuff.

I feel as though there will be a lot of demand for maps & model assets, glad to see things are shaping up development wise.

Business rp?