What if i make my entire map a prop?


Visrape for ingame. The entire map will be rendered as opposed to the occlusion/visleaf system.

It improves framerate a lot obviously I mean duh jeez man you’re so silly sometimes bro

Your framerates will tank becuase the entire level is rendered at once, you will also have one massive leak, and your map can’t be all that complicated because of the collision model object limitation.

Don’t even bother trying to run VRAD, it will be uniformly lit the entire way through, models don’t cast shadows on themselves.

I know I’m a pretty good joker! :biggrin:

Light would look terrible. Leaks out the ass (hurr).

Not like leaks would matter. I’d hate to see that map turn into a prop_physics then enable motion, whilst it and it’s players fall into a massive abyss of nothingness and math symbols (:wtc:)

Then the player gets raped with a blue screen of death.:psyboom:

No I’m pretty sure the console just gets spammed with red text and eventually you will catch up with the prop, hitting it at 9999 Mp/h thus killing you and making your rag-doll collide with it, then you get a

hl2.exe has sto- Explorer.exe has s- wind- Blue screen has encountered a problem an- *Boom*

First of all, Propper would end up dividing itself by zero trying to get that to compile to a model. Think of the massive amount of textures that would have to be converted! Also, no guarantee that the physics mesh would be correct, since more than 20 convex pieces gets turned into one “convex” clusterfuck of polygons for a physics mesh.

Yeah, you’d be fucked.

No problem if it’s a cube.

Didn’t they do this for Zeno Clash?


And as long as you made it in sections and gave the models LODs, it should work fine.

I’d like to see someone attempt this. Model a very detailed map, break into sections, bake ambient occlusion and lighting, compile as a dynamic models with attatchments and animations, remake basic world geometry with nodrawed world brushes for collisions and add lights for lighting the ingame physics props.

It’s going to look terrible.

One single model no, but a map made only of models (except for the skybox) would work, along with -staticproppolys.

Yeah but they modified it so they could have lightmaps on models.

In my opinion if you’re gunna do this why not just stop wasting your time with source and hammer and move to unreal or something.

Still means that the OP’s idea works.

I’m hoping valve move on to a more model based way of mapping, because brushes are getting old and limit the amount of detail you can put into a map.

No not really. There’s many reasons why it’s a waste of time and doesn’t work without a lot of pointless bullshit.

Uh, don’t static props have lightmaps already?