What if player's knew what admins were up to?

This morning i decided to try my hand in as server that had just wiped, had about 5 players on it right off the bat (now down to 2). As soon as i logged in i noticed a severe lack of trees around me. There were no trees. I walked around for a little while and finally found a tree. Poof- gone before i could get to it. I soon came across a MASSIVE structure- something built in 3 hours? No stone around, no trees. Was this the admin? I’m not even sure what tools they have these days.

Regardless, this has been something i’ve thought about since legacy. We need admin transparency- perhaps a public log of what they do outside of normal gaming parameters. People come in go from rust like its chattroulette, last thing i want to do is invest a notable amount of time on a server to find an admin who’s intentions are to be some sort of narcissistic king with unlimited everything and godmode. Ran into this a lot on legacy-

Many can agree- server shopping is the hardest thing to do in this game and one of the things that would aid in this would be the ability to see more of whats going on with the admins.


[PUBLIC] Admin Log:

2/26 4:50pm Spawns 100 hatchets

2/26 4:55pm Player XXX-360NOSCOPEZ-XXX was banned from the server

2/26 5:00pm Movement speed increased 10x

2/26 5:00pm Activates god mode

2/26 5:01pm Spawns 100000 metal scraps

You get the point. With the above information, would you still join the server?

I don’t think your observation on resources is relevant if it was an admin. Admins don’t need to harvest anything. They can just spawn in resources for themselves at will in stacks far greater than players have access to.

As long as an admin doesn’t use his admin tools to mess with other players’ buildings, kill them, etc, then what they choose to do really has no impact on the rest of the player base. If the admin wants to spawn in millions of resources for himself and build himself a massive castle, that’s his perogative. After all, he pays for the server in order to be able to do that. It’s only an issue if the admin interferes with general gameplay or favours groups of players by spawning in resources for them.

If you find a server where an admin is doing that, then simply move on to another server. It’s really that simple. You’ll find that servers where admins abuse their powers like that are usually pretty empty, as no one wants to play on them.

The problem is finding it.

Your server, you pay for it- fine. Spawn 5 million logs and build something huge. As long as i know that you intend to play this server like its EZ mode then i’ll stay far away. Thats MY preference. I understand that you don’t care what an admin does if it doesn’t impact other players, but in my experience, if an admin has the mentality to manipulate the game in this fashion, he’s very likely to have a “spur of the moment” where he gives a player a bunch of stuff, or goes on a killing spree in god mode.

Problem is- he might do all that without anyone knowing. Now you have a bunch of player’s who believe a hacker is running rampant on the server when it’s actually the admin.

I don’t see what’s wrong with my transparency idea, just speeds up the shopping process for a lot of players and helps them find a server that better suits them. What is your argument against that?

The op seems to have no problem with admins doing it they can do whatever they want as you stated, just he doesn’t want to waste countless hours only to come across this cheated structure and leave the server, he rather know right away with his suggested admin log idea, which is a good solution. Theres nothing wrong with wanting a fair game.

Pretty sure there are mods that do this.