"What if Tf2 was Dead Rising?~ My Try at a "What-if-TF2-was-another-Game"Thing.


Cluster fuck of a H.U.D.

Rate Hate, Other rhymes that include a variable of he Term “C&C” Here.


I hated kent… But… Wait?



Dude youre fucking amazing.
Do a What if TF2 was L4D one.
Or more pictures from TF2/DeadRising

Not quite as polished as the other guy’s, he’s a frikkin animal with these pictures, just phenomenal.

This isn’t bad either, and I find little to criticize.

what I do find are the awkward arms of the spy, and the odd direction he’s looking in, plus the downright randomness of the camera rabbi beard. And the slight clustrefuckyness of the HUD. Might be like that in the game too, though I wouldn’t know.

The camera beard is there because in Dead Rising Frank has a Camera, the only thing that’s close to a camera is the camera beard.

I do love that other guys pictures, that’s why I tried to do this. I’m not that good of an editor so I might ask him for some tips.

The spy’s pupils are off to the side there but I guess they are hard to see.

Thank you for the C&C Archlups.

That’s pretty funny :smiley:

Love the posing in the first pic with the Zombie Spy and Engie.

Ohh, it’s that “ninja-face” look. Now I see it… it could’ve been just slightly less to the side, so you could see the pupils right off. My bad, though

No problem, I like doing C&C. On good work like this anyways.

CouldI have some photoshop tips Golden?

Hmmmm, if there’s anything I can tell you, I’d suggest adding motion blur at the Spy’s (w/ beard) shovel to give the illusion of him swinging it. And if I recall correctly, Dead Rising had quite a lot of motion blur whenever melee weapons are swung.

Overall, I can’t really give much advice with the picture since it’s pretty good.

Thanks :smiley:


Kent was an ass. But he was a ninja ass. Did you see that man kick? Freaking ninja kicks!

Already done EONS ago


Another connection?

Lol not really.
Wrong hat?
Wrong hairs?
I didnt found another connection.

Btw Enhanced AI where did you got those Zombified TF2 Characters?

Zombie Mod for TF2 maybe?

Yeah but link maybe?

Picture is broken.

Oh my God Dead Rising was sutch a great game.

A TF2 Version would be so lolworty.

Google is your friend

Thx dude.
Never heard of it.