What if the administrator helps the player, by the fact that he is a friend?

What if the administrator helps the player, by the fact that he is a friend? On facepunch moscow server. Why he bunned players for bugs? Players are not to blame, that the game has a lot of defects. They can’t bun! They just must fix it. Admin “Alistair” just have Abuse of authority
Just administrator helps friends. Who weep, because he can’t play good.

I have no idea what you just said

admin interferes with the game on the official server, helps a friend.

So, find another server to play on? Is it that difficult?

I’m going to guess that a certain someone’s rock base got blown up, and now they’re complaining about it…

Yarechka created a house in stone, and the players three days were shot from a rifle. He used pre-known bugs. I believe that the administrator has the full right to ban. Play fair, and you will not have any problems.

Admin should not be a problem to ban the game. The problem should be solved games. During the test bugs thank and pay money. Here’s just a player ban. This not normal. C.A.V. just knows the administrator. and very much he licks and crying. Admins instead ban cheaters, engaged in nonsense.
It is so stupid. In Facepunch style.

It will be norml if just clear rockbase. But if u ban from that, u must say about it, if players will be know that, they will not do that.
SO… now We should be punish administrator. Remove administrator rights.

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You don’t have to be very smart to realise that if you are building under map and shooting players from there that you could get banned.
I have thatp roblem aswell, more and more palyers learned to go under and it is difficult to police and find all of them.

If they just clear a rockbase and end it there, whats to say someone won’t just go and rebuild there, as has been the case many many a time? A ban for abusing a glitch sends a message to other players that abusing a glitch isn’t tolerated on that server. And by your logic, your server ban IS justified if you were in a rockbase. Glitching into a solid object and building in there IS cheating.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Players are to blame, they pay money. A game full of holes.

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Just a game made schoolchildren, so everything so …

Alistair is the administrator that really helps to solve problems with cheaters and houses in the rocks. It bans for cheaters 5-7 per day. For that he is grateful to all the Russian community. You only interfere Yarechka honest players to develop. That’s why you were banned. Play fair.

rock bases are exploits not cheating, some people care, some people don’t, honestly they should have figured out how to fix it by now

hello my name is chef. I didn’t understand a thing what op said.

hello chef you should work in a intergration center :v:

if you glitch and dont stop doing that, then the bann is right and you deserve it.

Nailed it. :cool: