What if the Combine Administrator was a Feminist?

Hello there. I’m Mythos, I just registered on Facepunch for the first time, but I am quite familiar with the place.
Besides the comic, I’m going to use this thread as an introduction as well. Feel free to skip the text and go straight for the comic, if you want.

While I might be only joining Facepunch now, I’ve got three years of experience with Garry’s Mod and its community. I was on the now pretty much defunct PHWOnline for a few months, helped create Phenomena on Break, a community that most of you probably are not aware of, but that lasted two very successful years, and currently I’m posting at Chrisordie’s Brain Dead Union and planning a site. I figured it was time to tackle the big guns, so here I am.

I’ve posted some - not “various”, just “some” - comics over the years, some to great acclaim, others not so much. The one that I’m posting is my very first comic release, dating September 1st, 2007. It’s a first effort, and does not indicate my current level of (for lack of a better word) skill, but back in the day it managed to attain 2000+ views and I personally still like it, so I figure it’s a fitting start.

I’m aware that Facepunch is known for its sometimes harsh criticism, but, again, bear in mind this is work from 2007. I hope you enjoy it.


I’d post what I posted the first time I read this but I don’t rember what I posted when I posted the first time so I’ll post a post for the first time with a post posted on this the 79th re-issue of this fine comic with these words:

I like it.

Arrgh, it makes me want to play through HL:2 again. I liked it.

Excellent work Mythos. A well thought out dialog with a moral behind it. Pose and edit is good to. Only the panels where the female over-watch is kicking the male could use some improvement. But I quite enjoyed this. Well done.

Ps! And welcome to Facepunch as a registered member.

Hi Mythos!

Man is ostensibly destined to see this comic every two months.

Wasn’t this done in Life with Lammar?

I really liked it. The humour was spot on and the production values were brilliant. The only mistake I can really point out is that pesky missing texture towards the end.

A good while after this comic, it was.

First of all, I have no idea what that is; second, this was done on August of 2007, so unless that came out before, I’m pretty sure the right answer is “no”.

Considering this was posted on PHW, it’s possible - though not certain, obviously - that somebody ripped my comic off. Maybe we just had the same idea, but if not, the guy should gain some originality.

Also, thanks for the comments, everybody. Rastifan, I appreciate your criticism, and you’re not the first one to point it out :stuck_out_tongue: I like to think I’ve improved on posing, but I’ll let you guys evaluate it on my next releases.
Also hi, Popwar!


That was actually a somewhat unfortunate, but purposeful, easter egg I placed on the comic back when I posed it. It was meant to imply that Gale Connors has a strange taste in art, but everybody got the wrong idea - and honestly, reading this today, I get the same impression.

Wow! I really enjoyed reading that, so you deserve +5 gold stars. :golfclap:

oh god that would be a living nightmare , i mean i don’t disrespect women but geez that’s one living hell i won’t like to live in. great work though

One Problem.

The G-Man Plucks Freeman out of any “Unforseen Consequences” He arrives into, meaning he would probably institute a Jailbreak.

What happens then? :v:

Gale Connors, just like Breen before her, is aware of the G-Man and his influence and summarily executes Gordon Freeman - another thing that Breen arrogantly didn’t think of doing.
Ah-ha! Now what?

If somebody mentions “Adrian Shephard” I’m gonna start throwing rocks.

What are your thoughts on Adrian Shephard?

He’s correct, though. Perhaps one or two surviving people in the Black Mesa Facility Actually know of Adrian Shepherd, and he went through as tough, if not more tough things than Gordon Freeman.

Mythos used ROCK THROW!
It’s super-effective!
The wild PopwarBunny fainted!

True, would be a living nightmare if it became so XD

good comic dude

Eventually they’d need to reproduce…let the harvesting commence :quagmire:

No Gordon Freeman would have kicked there asses back to the kitchen!