What if there were factions to choose from..

Hello, I just had this marvelous idea. What if there were factions in rust, like two or three. They could be the following for example; humans, neanderthals and some kind of blue or green humanoid alien.

The difference would be that each factions has almost exacly the same attributes, only that maybe neanderthals would be smaller or the aliens would be. But more or less identicaly so the game is balanced and fair. But this could have some short story on how the faction came in a screen where you select your race just before you enter the game and spawn randomly.

I think this could add another layer of mystery to the game and interest and maybe even make some servers have alliances against other factions. I just think it could fit in this game really well. Please give me your thoughts about this since I am very excited to hear them. Also my idea is that it would be really balanced so nothing more than maybe the texture of the character would perhaps be different to not add any more complications. But just another layer of excitement to the game!

Here is a concept picture I made of the idea so you can indulge in the artistic side of it and appreciate its full meaning. http://postimg.org/image/j8pyvuf2h/

P.S. I am serious about this!

The core of the game is based on player freedom and emergent gameplay. Factions are an artificial framework that the devs are looking to avoid implementing. It’s why you haven’t seen safe zones and friends lists and exp levels and such.

The player should define their own story, not have it told to them in the race selection screen.

I am sorry but, wew has he asked for safe zones? or friend lists? or exp levels and such?
I just want to know if you are really okey in your head?

Thing is, you ARE being told to “be human” end of discussion. THAT is telling you be human, nothing else. end of story.

so you say, to actually have a CHOICE OF FREEDOM TO DEFINE THEIR OF LIVE AND STORY, is useless and stupid and you compare it with mmo sh*t?

At least they should add more color skins and also females. Wearing clothes of different colors could be used to differentiate teams and groups. This way we keep it clean and realistic. Right now the players are quite aggressive and distrustful to form big groups/factions. I wonder if we get to see one of the biggest step of the human being: forming a community (like a village) where others are respected and people cooperate and fight together against raiders and “malicious” players. Looks like this has became so hard nowadays.

Let’s not turn this game into a fallout game with factions…

Honestly you will only see this ever implemented as a feature on oxide some day. Than you can go crazy with dozens of factions.

Read this, then reply.

Planned/being added.

Planned/being added.

I don’t have a problem with factions being added in through mods, but I don’t think it belongs in the vanilla game.

Nether has not been improved with Factions, I can tell you that.

“The difference would be that each factions has almost exacly the same attributes, only that maybe neanderthals would be smaller or the aliens would be. But more or less identicaly so the game is balanced and fair.”

What would be the point of creating factions that offered absolutely no distinction, no difference, no incentive to play differently, no dis-incentive to kill other members of the same faction etc. etc… ? Do you think players will become more engaged and more prone to “act as if” if they read short blurb during the character creation screen? Will they be more inclined to nerf themselves with stone hatchets if they look like a caveman? You might get some voice-chat comedy for Youtube but that’s about it.

And what if there was something in-game to force people to respect their faction? The whole point is that players form their own factions. Alliance can be fluid and trust minimal or misplaced. In a way, you’re asking to be relieved of the responsibility (and the privilege) of choosing your own relationships.

When Rust began, we patiently noted that there was no backstory, no explanation, no cohesive or consistent theme. Maybe we’ll get one. But a full explanation of the game world at this point might be like Gordon Freeman’s voice: too much build-up = nobody will be satisfied.

Well you have two factions in the game already. Those who wear clothes… and the nakeds…

Factions have existed on a number of servers for a while. They’re actually even playable if you stay long enough to learn where the RP-oriented players tend to spend their time. And increased clothing options, signs with writing, and other such improvements will make them even more natural as the game evolves.

If we can form factions perfectly alright as an emergent part of the game, there’s no need to force it upon everyone playing the game. At most your idea would be cool as a mod and an option for specialized servers, but not as a core gameplay element.

Actual factions sounds like a great idea as an option. I would love to join a server and have ready made allies and enemies.

NOT on every server, and I love the current way Rust is, but this would add a whole new game to Rust. I can see this being really fun. You could play and know 2 teams are enemies, and 1 team is your allies.

I think factions or race could be implemented only if they don’t imply anything else than “you’re human” or “you’re X”.

Like, you know, it would just change your appearance and you can do whatever you want with it. Make friend with your own race or betray them and fight them. Automatic allies/enemies based on a choice in character creation sucks and won’t ever make it into the game anyway, as it’s Garry’s point of view too.

Now then the possibility of changing your appearance would be enough to achieve what the OP wants anyway.

This is one of those things that could be done with a mod. I rather see FP working on the core of the game and let the playerbase design their own server or should i say… " rust world ".

This. I think such a RP faction experience should and can be offered on a modded server, I would enjoy that.
But Rust Vanilla should stay away from it.

Personally, I do not like the idea of choosing a faction at the beginning of the game. BUT i wouldn’t mind slowly becoming a part of a “faction” throughout a game based on your decisions, this would also change your body appearance. For example if you are gathering food from other dead players and eat human flesh, you would turn pale with shadows under your eyes, if you visit irradiated areas too often, you could develop some skin diseases over time (somewhat like ghouls in Fallout) etc… It would all depend on your prevailing lifestyle. Also getting fatter (as this is most probably gonna be implemented) could be viewed as the above-mentioned. So there, no fixed factions, but more like lifestyle consequences :slight_smile:

the NOPE is strong here!

I think factions would be a cool idea. Not like what OP made it out to be. But factions to some degree. Maybe even fictional factions in game. Maybe even 3 static factions you can join, all they do is give you a title, and maybe access into a city (would start out as just a single foundation, players can build onto)

Dunno, could be fun.
But would need to probably be a modded thing.

I think you are the one hit in the head . He was simply giving some examples that are similar to the faction thingy . Better go make another account :wink:

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There are RP servers for that and people respect the rules.