what if u joined a map between servers

(i couldnt figure out what icon to put this as since its just an idea)
like there are say…4 servers
each with a limit of 24 (optional) but can support higher
theres a pretty big map in each server
each map has 2 buttons on 2 edges with a door of somekind
when u press the button u go to another server
if uve played borderlands its kind of like going between different places

a huge map can be devided into sections or make an even BIGGER map seperated between servers

wut if players all want to go to one place then make it where
if the player cap is in 1 part of the map a door closes to prevent the button from being pressed

think of a map as huge as flatgrass (not too detailed but whatever)

u can either split flatgrass into 4 parts or have 4 flatgrasses (numbers can changes depending on amount of servers)

but they are all linked together

say its rp make 1 map a huge city 1 map a village 1 map a desert full of evil npcs and 1 map full of something else or even extend it

coding will be hard but who knows it might be amazing

or instead of all linked like a ring have it linked like a star with a central trasportation area or whatever u can decide how its linked

if its rp then what about having a map(paper) that u can look at

or whatever its an idea

dont bash it just say why its not a good idea (if it isnt)


but its more than just having servers with minigames like in gmodtower

Terrible idea, you want servers to constantly sending moving objects between one another, you would truly need some very, VERY good bandwidth both between servers and between server and client.

Unless the servers are hosted on the same box/network.

well couldnt it just be where 1 server holds one map and doesnt talk to the other untill its full or a person is switching (with the button or whatever)
why would it have to constantly send info of moving objects if it doesnt mess with the other map? im not saying its like a giant portal between them where 1 half a prop will be on one side and the other end in the other map

Clients are moving objects too. The servers would need to communicate to know which way the client is entering the map on one server, as well as knowing any stats the player might have.