What if you could advance duplicate other players?

I’m Serious Guys!

Like would it create another player in THE REAL WORLD? And what if the original player and the dup player met one day…



Go back to the OIFY. :v:

Minges would dupe themselves

World War 28

On the realistic point of view, it would either:

  • Crash
  • Create a bot that does nothing
  • Create a bot that mimics whatever the original player is doing

Crash is most likely.

Enter in this command in the console:

ent_create player

I dare you to

No, don’t do it you fools!!!

It’s a TRAP!

What does it do?

Makes babies.

LOL so thats how babies are made lol , nah but don’t do it it’s a trap

Something like that actually would probably cause a resonance cascade.

The player and the dupe would both go insane and try to kill each other.

Or just go get some beer.

ty for bumbing my stupid ass thready.

ent_create player
ERROR: GAMEMODE:'PlayerSelectSpawn' Failed: includes/extensions/entity.lua:12: Tried to use a NULL entity!
SV_BroadcastMessage:  Recipient Filter for message type 23 (reliable: yes, init: no) with bogus client index (0) in list of 1 clients

Host_Error: Reliable message (type 23) discarded.

Dropped Phoenix from server (Disconnect by user.)


I can’t exit my game anymore.

Lol, owned by a fp admin

what does it do exactly?

It exits whatever game you are in and returns to the menu screen. It freezes the game and you have to end process on Steam to quit out.

I accept your dare…

Exited the game…that wasn’t so bad…

Overwrites the player library, fucking everything up. I heard restarting GMod doesn’t fix it for some reason…