what if you where in gmod???

what if you wake up on the ground of gm_construct and you could do anything you can do in gmod???

what would you do?

First of all, it’s “were”, not “where”.

Second, I would use my ingame browser to delete this thread.

your really weird


people reply fast XD

Join a server with my friend in it and be all like “HELP DUDE I’M STUCK INSIDE A COMPUTER SEND HELP”.

Then my friend would be all “lol funeh bot” and start prop pushing me to death while commenting on the realistic gore :saddowns: .

i would say FTW (F*** the world) and take on a strider with a crowbar


wow I’ve never seen a thread this original before

This is one of those threads that, if they become big enough, people will make their first shitty post in.

Stop it now.

I won’t stop the post.

i would get myself one of those physguns
then start making a dungload of sexposes

I’d probably just build stuff as you do in gmod.

!map gm_flatgrass2008
say Ah, much better
!god ^

Then commence fucking around until I get bored.

Make sure the server has mp_forcerespawn set to 1 you’ll live again :downs:

how is it original? ive had these thoughts like this, only a bit better.

rather then being in the game, my ideas were taking them out and into reality. such as:

model manipulator for epic new looks and disquises

weld… because stuff in real life dont stick that easy.

phys gun… do i even need to explain?

NPC spawn for fun and to scare the crap out of people.

swep spawn… for fast weapons and fun stuff.


I dunno… Threesome with Mossman and Alyx?

I’d load up the half life maps and play through the campaign just to punch the Gman in the face at the end.

id lol

then id lock the server and use pcmod to play gmod.

Major shootout + Multiplayer + Garry’s Bombs x Reality = FTW !!!

Tear down the new EvoCity.
Headcrab research.
Paint and drive the jalopy from ep2.

Make the world fullbright.

Dunno why.