What if you will be ugly fat woman, with small breasts and big nipples?

I would consider quiting Rust because of that! Hopefully Helk (Gary) keeps this in mind lol

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Then you probably shouldn’t be playing in the first place.

If the staging character is the same as in main branch I gonna be a black woman xD

Far as I recall, yes.

Atleast I’m not yelloish/greenish and kinda glow in the dark like a couple players I saw xD

PreRelease branch is for testing and tweaking.

Would be kinda cool though…too much radiation exposure you turn red…and glow in the dark.

I cant’ imagine quitting over how my character looks. I’m the kind of guy who always chooses the first non-black pre made character in any game with a character creation aspect. That said, I have very little to complain about as I am, being a very well hung burly Puerto Rican dude. A part of me hopes I stay that way. Another part of me hopes I turn into a tiny Asian woman with a cup full of ass and some small and perkies so I have something to ‘do’ while I’m crafting.

Basically, whatever. I’m stoked for the impending variety.

I dont want to be a women period.

Idk care

Heh. Period.

15 cloth to make tampon, needs library to research it

And the Female leaves a blood trail that doesn’t stop until its plug up.

also, players on their period automatically kill any player they lay eyes on who isn’t also on their period.

And the Female can be calmed down with chocolate.

I would be fine with that :smiley:

I didnt know when i bought rust i would be forced to be a female?
As a man who has never played games as a female character this is irritating to the point i would rather my money back than be forced to play how u want me to

It’s not forced, it’s random.

If you end up as a female character, it’s your prerogative to as for a refund.

Your physical traits are based on your Steam ID, which is effectively your “genome”. Also, at least while the game’s in Early Access, expect your appearance to change from time to time as they alter the generator with more options. Think of it as how the same seed generates different Minecraft maps on different release versions of the game.

Exactly what DID you know when you bought an incomplete game that warned you things would change?

That part about quiting rust was a joke, but I still won’t like to play female character.

We could have at least the option to choose our gender…