What if... (Zombie replacement idea)

What if we replace the zombies and rad towns to: Guarded by NPC’s towns, in order to get better goods you need to kill
the guards and enter the town, this way people would concentrate on getting inside towns and will make it more easy for
new players.

The idea!
Guarded by NPC’s towns

How to make it fair?
NPC’s will have cloth armor and will hit you with an axe/stick.
Like some colony that was able to survive and form a town.

Will they drop all the loot?
Just like the zombies they will drop RANDOM loot so it wont be that easy to get armor and a weapon.

About 12 NPC’s inside the town guarding everything. About 6 NPC’s standing next to gates and walking around the town and going towards gunshots that are 10-50 M away, from the spot they are at.
Like if they hear gunshots and they are in the radius of 50M they run to the area and search it.

Why is this better then Zombies?
Zombies give the game the feeling of another open world zombie game. And in this way this looks more real, because people can really form a clan or a city and just live in it. This will give a feeling and taste of a real hardcore survival game.

Why do you guys keep posting the same damn thread?


They’re being replaced by bears and wolves.

Please supply an official post by staff?

Steam logs don’t go back that far, sorry, but I can assure you, they’re being replaced by more bear and wolf spawns.

No one updated this log yet so it means this is still open for suggestions. And the idea of a bear carrying a paper upon there is a draw of a gun and etc. is just plain dumb.

The bears are actually people in bear suits.

Did I say that they would drop items? They’re probably going to find a different way to disperse items than the easiest (NPC drops), and most overused.

Best idea ever

I agree, but if the NPCs are going to drop guns, why would they not be using them? Just another reason to use the low-base guns that you can build from the get-go.

Thats why I said let them use axe/stick. Dont want the game overflown with guns.

I like the idea of having more targets for well-off players besides other players…