What if...?

I was hoping to find my other comics in this series, but I just went through my entire Gmod screenshot and comic backup and couldn’t find it. Oh well.



Before you comment, it’s broken in the middle because it’s 2 separate images. It was either that or you have to right click > view image, which always sucks.

Hilarious, I didn’t expected that.

What are you talking about, McDonalds burgers IS human meat.


Also, It’s you!

Hey Clover. I log in for the first time in forever and see you posting a comic in probably the first time in forever. You gonna make more? :slight_smile:

It would have been better if it was actual cannibal, but very hilarious.

Popwar! Good to see you again. I have a few more ideas floating around in my head, we’ll see.

…what. I thought for sure that someone just bumped a 4 year old comic.

Funny comic, btw.

Made me nostalgia.


gj yo

Oh man…nostalgianess. Clover bring yo papah-readin’ ass back man.

I burst out laughing when I first saw the old man.

Clover is making others feel old. Suddenly, long beards.

Oi! Who’s been playing with voodoo ressurectin’ peoples?

Funny comic, made me smirk.

I laughed. Oh yea the food kick when stoned:) I love his expression leading to the last panel. Have smiley.

I thought he would be on about the guy at the counter.

Looks like I was wrong, and what he was doing made me chuckle.

Nice! I haven’t seen a Clover Comic in so long. The last ones I’ve seen were the ones in the PHW archives.

Woop, forgot to throw in this little extra tidbit. When I was trying to convert the Jeff model over to Gmod 10 (haven’t used Gmod since v9), I basically just dumped my entire materials and models folder. What did I find?

A prototype for a new Jeff skin, never got worked into the comics.


And this weird Silver Surfer metrocop Jeff thing… I have no idea where it came from.


I remember you…

I have this feeling that you’re a little ashamed of the state of facepunch.

can’t shake it for some reason.

This is great.

I’ll be honest, yeah. It may just be me, since I was used to the prime of the Gmod comic making scene. Everything just seems a bit more pale and dull. This comic era needs something fresh, something not interactive.

So you’re only here because phw isn’t what it use to be :v?

PHW is gone from what I remember.