What ifs..

1.What if facepunch can supply third party developers to use this game as a realtime physics engine for animal scientists who have analytical datas of movement, activity and personality of their studying animal specimen, this game would really shine…and so does the scientist who tries to understand the intelligence of species.

-Smarter animals requiring players to develop skills to kill

2.What if this game had several game modes?

-survival in an island with zombies trying to survive until evacuation but the evacuation ship only takes 1 group(1~20 people). Forcing players to choose sides entire game.
-survival in an island with humans playing as animals or mutants
-battleground between vampires, lycans, specters and human

vampire (life leech)
lycan (rabid)
specter (fear)
human (mechanical/tools)

  1. What if this game mode had a sid meir’s civilization styled concept where it starts with rocks and whoever collects more points advances in arts/science and politics just fills the gap by one goal, dominating the game.
  • Raid to steal research progress to add more dynamic interaction instead of just linear collect points to win

There are just ideas, stupid ones but ideas to wonder about i guess.

honestly rust will never be a level type game, its just not that type of game bro, this is a straight up survival

He said what if

Kind of like, What if the game wasn’t Rust and another game altogether