what i'm gonna do after download Gmod on steam?

hello,im new here,my uncle just help me make a legal account on Steam last week
i just current download Gmod on steam now
i wondering after download:
1.does i need to have half life 2 or something
2.after install,does i need to do something
3.if i need Half life 2,is there anyway i can minimize my HL 2 folder?
i have HL2 disk but don’t have it on PC.i dun have much free space left(my pc had lot of heavy shit such as GTA,COD,Battlefield 2,… and i still plaing them)

sorry for my bad english and i’am a n00b in Gmod :smiley:
hope people can help

you need any source game. half life 2 will do.

other than getting add-ons there is nothing you really need to do.

I don’t think you need any more space, since HL2 content is included. and you don’t have to run HL2 with it or anything, garry’s mod runs on its own.

thanks ,but i mean: can i delete some unimportant file in HL 2 folder?
because HL2 folder is 4 GB.some of people said there is a way to minimize it but i dunno how,i still have alot interested game haven’t install yet :expressionless:

oh, that’s what you meant.

no, there’s no real way to make it smaller. surely there’s some stuff you can delete that you no longer want.

what a pain in the ass :|,i should delete some game now
anyway,thanks a lot bro

Sorry for double post.but i got another trouble
i dunno that Steam install Gmod in Steam folder.i install Steam to C and now Gmod goes to drive C too.
so can i cut steam folder and paste it to drive D with safely???(without reinstall?)

No, all games from steam must be in the same folder/hard drive/whatever as steam.

How big is your hard drive?

C:\program files\steam\steamapps\your steam name\

^ wrong.

There is a guide to change steamapps folder location on steam’s support page somewhere.

well yeah but what he wants to do is free up hard drive space and know what all source games he needs to run gmod without the missing textures patterns and errors.
In all seriousness I would go spend what? $40 on a second hard drive and reinstall all the steam stuff to it.

Most servers use HL2, HL2 ep1, and CS:S in tandem with gmod for all the textures their add-ons use. some use other games like portal and TF2 for special textures and models and some add-ons like SBEP, stargate, etc. come with their own textures and models. its really very diverse in exactly what you need to not get errors and pink and black blocks.

If you have a small amount of games on steam why don’t you just delete steam and reinstall it in the D drive. There should be some extra memory in their.

I did this because my computer has 320gb of space but my C drive only has 70 while the rest is on the D drive. I’m pretty sure just moving steam or possible other games to your D drive would help instead of just deleting other games.

Oh and if you have downloaded alot stuff go to my computer and on the left click on downloads and delete all the downloads that you don’t need or are unimportant. And make sure to permanently delete your junk in the Trash folder. Just open up the trash bin and click on empty trash bin and if you had a bunch of stuff in there you will get rid of it all.

Before I knew about all this on my old laptop I was able to free about 16gb of space.

And on your question to moving steam to the D drive without reinstalling… yes you can. Just move the steam folder to the D drive then delete all your shortcuts on your desktop or in other folders and just make a new one. Or just change the directory in the file’s properties.

HOWEVER, I don’t know if this works cause i’ve never actually tried it myself. BUT I think it will work.

the problem is: i already got Garrysmod inside Steam folder
is there anyway i can reinstall Steam in D without redownload Gmod?(that shit took me half day to download)
BTW,i don’t have Half Life 2 Steam(but i have DVD version)is this work too?

Read my post again since I edited 5 minutes after you posted… also…

Is the DVD for PC or Xbox?

If the DVD version is Xbox then buy TF2 or Counterstrike or something that has the source engine so that garrysmod may work (The first thing I bought from steam was the TF2 + Garrysmod pack). I recommend TF2 since it is probably the best deal you will get. Now if the DVD is for the PC just hop the disk in and install.


If you do need to reinstall steam just copy and paste the garrysmod folder located in steam/steamapps/“your name”. Then reinstall and after reinstalling just paste the garrysmod folder into the location that I mentioned then restart steam and TA-DA!

thanks alot,but i think my C driver can take it(if it doesn’t lag my pc like shit)
and my HL 2 DVD is for PC,and of course,legal

Edit: Holy shit!!!i just open the game,it got ALL OF STUFF
i haven’t install HL2,TF2,etc…
but when i get in game,IT GOT ALL
thanks people

BTW:anyone got a good tutorial to make a good pose???
i really want to make a comic

Google is your best friend…

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