What improvements have you noticed in rust since playing on steam?

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I could actually join a server without unity crashing. Big +1 for me.

It seems smoother, but only because I have a 144hz monitor and the Steam version doesn’t lock the fps at 60. So the few times that my fps does jump to over 60, I can actually tell.

well it has went downhill for me… ive only been able to play once and every time now, the launcher locks up…

I had some problems to join some servers, and when i can log in, the FPS doesn’t go further than 25… 30!.. Usually stays in 15… When it was in the browser, i had at least 40

The load time is slightly faster but certainly not the 3 seconds that it was advertised as.

Alot of Increased performance, less bugs, Faster load times, Smoother gameplay.

Steam version is better in every way for me.

I peaked at 240 FPS yesterday (was looking at the ground). I have found that turning off the grass does give me a massive performance boost though. With the grass on my FPS hangs around 30 - 50 and with it off it’s more like 80 - 120 constant with the odd peak.

The server browser is much better and I can refresh the servers instantly. I have worked out that when the player count doesn’t change the server is most probably down. Connecting is less than half the time for me. Really happy with the Steam version!

I’ve actually found my game being even more laggy and slower :/! Don’t know why…

Load time is 2-3 seconds for me, easy.

I get a list of server IP’s and unless the ip’s translate to server names i cannot seem to connect… any ideas?