What in the hell hammer?

I have ran into a couple of hammer issues and I am hoping I can get some help


  1. It doesn’t save right. I worked on a map for a long time and when I saved to exit it says it saved but when I re-opened my map it was just a couple of things that I didn’t even make!

  2. Texture selector unselects what im trying to chance the texture/displacement on.

  3. Autosave wont work it says permission is denied every time it trys

I have lost alot of wok because of issue #1 and #3

3 is probably due to a lack of admin privilidges.

Without images i cant tell the reason of 1.

I am running as admin

And the 3 is just that it only saves part not all.

Try reinstalling the program.

Validate your cache, defrag?

Proplem 1 and 2 are fixed

Now tis just that annoying thing were it rarly autosaves

Reduce the time between autosaves.

I could do that.

I will try.