What in the world does this mean?

Example in image link below.

This is sometimes causing my client to crash, or disconnect me from the server.

Been playing for months now, and it’s only just started happening after one of the recent updates.


a fair few of us are getting that

Took me half hour to get back to my house, i was only 20 yards away. :smiley: along with these message along with the kicks to desktop and the random freezing which i have to ctrl+atl+del to bring up task manager with no cursor, ending up having to log off and back in again, restart steam. It sorta got a bit tiring in the end.

Hopefully a fix comes along soon as im not even going to bother attempting to play the game at the mo, unplayable.

theres been a small update havent had it since but of course having other issues now

Ok thanks for letting me know, was the update today? I leave steam on so I didn’t see it, thanks.