What is a gamemode you would want to see on garrysmod that isn't already there?

I’ve seen gamemodes come and go. I know the likely-hood of anything sticking like TTT or DarkRP is slim-to-none, but i want to know because i’m about to have some free time and am looking to develop something that people would generally enjoy playing.

What is it that you’ve spent wondering about on garrysmod? What do you like/want to see in a gamemode if it were released in the upcoming months?

A football or as other idiots call it soccer gamemode

Anything that isn’t Roleplay

Just, please make something that isn’t Roleplay

I’d love to see more racing gamemodes like source carts, but hopefully publicly released so people in another countries aren’t fucked over with lag.

Let’s make REAL RP! Where everything is so realistic that killing is a bannable offense and admins have final say in everything! Hasn’t been made before, right? Oh wait, Dark RP, right…

I would love to see Dogfight brought back, and Flood aswell.

Or you could create real rp. First it should be a relative small world if you compare to amount of slots so a 120 shoukd have rp_downtown_vi. Hunger mod. No admins. No rules. No jobs except government. Which means you need to create your own business. Npc that sells metal stuff like that but has limited supply. Electricity which cost really much a apartment which cost more the closer you are to the busy streets and you need to pay rent after every payday. And tax to pay the government jobs. Only one server rule which is use common sense. And only in-game laws. And if you die then you start over with a new name and 5k less money.

You shouls be able to create a company which if you want to could make it into the stock market which will be based on a companies income. A little example there is alot more to add here but can’t be bothered right now

Not doing RP.

I was thinking like maybe something similar to mario carts. Cars are unlocked as you win. (Won’t be putting them in pointshop. Nobody likes that.)

Not really it seems great.

What about a tower defense type game? It would be cool to run around and be able to place towers (assume the towers are big), maybe having a 3D2D interface for upgrading and stat tracking.

Sounds interesting… How would teams work? And what’s stopping people from placing the entities in places where it is impossible to survive/kill the entity?

whats the point of this post
It’s not useful to make fun of DarkRP without offering anything insightful.

Could create a grid of blocks which you’re allowed to place towers on. There are team-based tower defense games out there. Warcraft 3 has some good tower defense mods such as wintermaul. Actually if I was designing a tower defense game in gmod I’d model it pretty much exactly like warcraft 3’s mods.

I personally dislike pointshop, but that’s from the perspective of someone who’s never owned a server. It just seems like a lot to download only to see a couple people using it.

I’m fine with a pointshop that only uses in-game models though.

At the time I was thinking something more singleplayer, but having a verses, survival (each has their own “map”), or a director vs player/s (think one person spawns specific type of enemy) would be fun. You could force a grid like system which prevents players from completely blocking a path and enemies from getting stuck. You could use next bot ai or A* for a path finder.

The survival type gamemode I am thinking would be like starcraft 2’s where each player has a map and they fight their own waves to see who lasts the longest.
This is something similar to what I’m thinking.

You could keep players interested by linking their profile to a “player” which can level up towers, maybe start from a previous wave, bonus tower/upgrade unlocks. A leader board would be fun too. I really like the idea of having a first person tower defense in that you do a small amount of damage but you can aid your towers with different strategies, maybe instead of doing damage you have a slow weapon to increase the duration the towers can hit the enemies. You could even do something awesome like pre-generated maps like Melonbomber does, with maps made out of props.

If you do consider doing something like this, I would be more than glad to help with the project, coding entities, helping with anything not GUI or HUD related. :stuck_out_tongue: I personally don’t want to be fully responsible for a project that gets dumped because I am the only one working on it, I get busy or I simply don’t have the knowledge.

You could have one player place the towers and rest control the ‘invaders’. Not sure what they’re actually called, as I haven’t played much TD games.


I saw the locked server up and decided to look around for a website or thread and came across this :slight_smile:
So as it looks by them name its going to be an RPG with Randomly generated gear with sockets said gear … aloong with bosses and i presume smaller normal mobs? If it is like such i’d be very interested in playing…

Levels…Randomly stated gear when crafted/dropped…Mobs… Sounds like a Good Ol’ time to me.

I was thinking of making a gamemode like Dungeon Defenders or Civ. Maybe even try a Runescape gamemode, I had some good plans on how it would work.
Not sure yet if I wanna attempt it though.

My own gamemode! :smiley:




But then you know that I’m already on the case, here. You basically described my WIP gamemode, “SeriousRP”. I’m not creating a thread yet though since I’m going at my own pace and people will get disillusioned unless I’m constantly attending to the thread.

tl;dr: This is already coming.