What is a Good Base RPG/FPS Gamemode

I’m looking for a base gamemode that includes the ability to buy upgrades, one that I could use to help me develop my own gamemode.

I would like the ability to upgrade both the player and his or her weapons.

Yeah, because there are many FPSRPG gamemodes.

The one that you write for your gamemode.

Well, there ARE RPG game modes!

There’s a difference between a base and the gamemode itself.

There’s no such base, you’ll have to write the whole think ground up yourself. Or coderhire.

Well I guess that means I’m looking for a gamemode itself… I need a place to go and figure shit out

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and for that matter, I don’t really know how to make a gamemode from scratch, this is new territory for me; before one of the updates from over a year ago, I was able to just go into the .GCF file and use the HL2 DM, or other gamemodes, for reference. I’m not sure how I could do such a thing now…

Not sure I can actually name a gamemode base apart from the default and fretta. I highly doubt you’ll find one public or just lying around, though.

You’d have to make your own, no such ‘base’ exists. Also, good luck trying to get a freebie on facepunch.

Did you read what I said? Maybe the base doesn’t exist, but I can still at least look at the code of an actual gamemode… albeit it might be old

So, uh… yeah, well… I’m trying to write a gamemode, but it doesn’t show up… how do I debug?

I should probably print the console log here if I want help getting the gamemode working? Tomorrow (EST/U.S. East Time)

Take a look at a current game mode that has already been made, eg. DarkRP.
Sounds like you don’t have your info file, eg. poop.txt

Search up a guide for making gamemodes, it’ll make your life easier.

If you can’t even draw a laser on a swep, I don’t think you could make a gamemode. Just request a close now before you go “full retard”.

I had it… “illumination.txt” (don’t ask, I had a glitch with it at first but I fixed it so far that it no longer reported in the console)

What? Uhh… I still need the gamemode! It’s not just about a swep, it’s about a whole game idea I have… I don’t know C++ so I have to use Garry’s Mod, as far as I know that’s the only way I can do it.

I could hire other people, but I’m very picky when I ask for things, if you couldn’t tell by this thread already.

Now, I say “I had it” because of this:

My PC crashed, and I lost ALL of my data refreshing it.

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A walkthrough on how to make a gamemode would be very, very helpful! Thank you, Koolaidmini

Kila58, I prefer not to say anything at all, but this is technically breaking that preference.

Making a gamemode isn’t the hardest thing in the world, it just requires you to be open to learn, and not to get frustrated.

Walking Zombie, try something simple, such as a GunGame gamemode. That’s the first gamemode I made myself, right from the bottom. Took my no longer then 4 days to have it functioning, and on a little server, where I was playing it with some buds.

Excellent resource here : http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index4d52.html

I believe this was the page I learned most of the basics for gamemodes from.