What is a good, cheep server host?

I am thinking about making my own Gmod server, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on a 24 slot server. So what server host could I get that would give me the best bang for my bucks. I would like my server to have a fast download speed and the ability for new players to download custome maps when they join the server.

Dedicated server are good for big communities (With more than 3-4 servers) , else ,you should get a VPS

For a VPS : don’t use The server’s FastDL , personally i uploaded all the content on my website (1GB/s bandwidth) so the server bandwidth is not “overloaded”.

I think you can start your server with DaemonServers UK

I’m in the heartland of America, so a UK server isn’t ideal for my location.

I would recommend Virpus XEN VPN’s. http://virpus.com/

**Hi I have been hosting server for about 2 years and by far the best cheapest host is www.ByaServers.co.uk they are very reliable they are very friendly always have time to help you get everything Fastdl , mod installer , map installer cfg editor, custom command line i get ping 4 - 17 they are very good and very quick set up within like 3 - 8 mins i have no problems for a whole year pf getting hosted by them they are great you should try them out. **

Buying a server with faults doesn’t sound good.

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Try ultimategameserver.com



Great servers, cheap prices, amazing support.

You won’t be disappointed.

NFOservers or ElpisHost would be your best bet.

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