What is a good GMOD server host?

I have 2 servers, one is sandbox, (I am using Fluctis for the sandbox server), And a DarkRP server. (I am using Xenon Hosting for the DarkRP server). But I’m not really happy with Xenon Hosting. Do you got any other good GMOD hosting websites? I want one with a good and understandable panel. If possible, one with an easy addon installer or something. Thanks!


NFO has a great in-house control panel. Has easy installers and all that jazz.

Agree, NFO has a unique RCON tool and an amazing SVN holder.

I’d recommend elpishost. I’ve used them on a few occasions. Their panel is pretty straightforward and the customer service is awesome. The boxes they use are great. Also if you look around their website they usually have coupons posted.

Get a VPS and manage it yourself. No need to feed the shitty GSP’s.

Never understood VPS’s are they like an advanced LS?

Virtual Private Server.

If you never hosted a server before start with a shared host… Like NFO


I believe gmchosting.com is Good and Cheap

Villayer / NFO for game servers then OVH / NFO for dedicated servers.

I used gmc and the server was fine for a while since it was still new. But after more people join him the server would lag after x amount of people. Then when i would ask him about it he said it was an addon. He then went trough my server files and started to delete stuff that “might” be an issue.

Nfo servers is by far the best!

I have XenonServers for my darkrp server