What is a good method for telling which game different props and textures come from in Hammer?

Making a gmod prop hunt map and I want to include some counter strike source props as well as a few day of defeat source (will be pakrat’d) in the map.

I used GCFScape and extracted all the content from those games and dumped the materials, models, and sounds folders into my half-life 2 deathmatch folders.

This works and I can see them in Hammer and use them, but it gets tricky to tell what game which content is from.

I backed up my hl2dm folder and reinstalled it through steam. Then in the materials, models, and sounds folders I created a subfolder for css and dod and put all their content in there.

Screenshot showing what I mean: https://i.imgur.com/HkQAx1U.png

Unfortunately this breaks all the props in hammer because they expect \models\props_whatever instead of \models\css\props_whatever

Is there another way to be able to tell which comes from what game or is it just something everyone has to deal with?

Yes, you can use the custom folder method.

Under hl2mp look for the folder called custom. Inside of that you can put the CSS and dod content and it won’t break them as long as you follow this format:


If you want you can even just drop the VPK’s into it without having to mess with folders.

Hmm they did not show up when I dropped the folder in, and the readme in the custom folder said that the VPK files were more efficient anyway. I went ahead and copied the counter strike source vpk into the custom folder but that breaks hammer somehow with this error: https://i.imgur.com/N5dPun9.png

Looking on google I dont see anything related to the VPK system that could cause it :<

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Realized I made a mistake with the VPK files in that they need to be in a folder. Did that, the model viewer now sees the folders, but no props :frowning:

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edit: tried adding a few model files into the folder with the VPKs. Nothing :<

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Figured it out since I have some cs_office props in my map.

The normal path to the cs_office props:


What made them appear was copying cs_office\ to:



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Moved it back, now all the counter strike props are working


Trying with dod now…

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Now it all works what the hell.

Thanks? I think?


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Now if only packrat could auto pack from the custom folder Id be set

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Just had to have it -auto every \custom\subfolder

Everythings working now, thanks a ton!