What is a good roleplay script for Garrysmod?

Hey, Im going to be thinking about starting a 20 player rp server and I was wondering what script/gamemode I should use. Any positive input is welcome.

Well if you like insane admins, prop blocking, corrupt cops, and prop DMing… Get dark rp. I my self like light RP or some other variation.

TacoScript is good.

Cakescript G2 till G3 comes out. You can make it so people require your permission to be a class (No police abuse) and its easy to modify (editing something doesnt break 5000000 other things beyond repair)

Ya, cakescript is awesome, you are creating your own character there ;D

I’ll have to agree that Cakescript is great.

I don’t like HL2 themed RP-gamemodes. I like modern style RP. Cider or PERP and DarkRP. :slight_smile:

Cakescript FTW. Why? Because of its simplicity. You can make it into anything and it does not essentially have to be HL2.

Because i don’t like the HL2 theme at all. I don’t like sci-fi stuff. Fallout 3 is good, but HL2 is not for me. It’s opinion.

CakeScript wasn’t made to be Half-Life 2 bound. That’s simply just one of the schemes that comes with it that you can use. It was meant to be an example.

CakeScript G3 will be coming out soon so keep an eye out for it.