What is a good screenshot-taking program besides F4 or the Camera weapon?

Title says it all. I’m omitting those two obvious options since I want to take screenshots in other games.

Say, does print screen still work in Fallout: New Vegas as it did in Fallout 3?

How is Fallout relevant here.

I figured that this subforum would know the most about taking pictures.

okay, you made my day

I imagine you realise there are 2 things wrong with this thread.

1: There’s a megathread for all your Fallout [del]3[/del] New Vegas questions
2: This is a screenshot section in the GARRY’S MOD SECTION.


you have 5000+ posts and you’ve been here since 2009

and you still don’t know how to read forum directories

how the fuck have you survived this long

he turned to cannibalism

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