What is a good server for you ?

Well as the title says, what is a good server for you ?
i finally got a server, but i wan’t it to be good !!!

so what would YOU like on a server ?

Depends on what type of server it is. If it’s a build server then make sure you have a good admin addon install, I recommend ULX & FPP(Falco’s Prop Protection), both work well together.

Make sure you have good selection of Build tools, WireMOD is a definite.

Also, I would restrict a few tools like Motor from Guests, helps stops spammers and people who just join to crash the server.

Please don’t setup an RP server, we have enough. Unless you have plenty of experience with LUA and can write some good scripts & jobs for it.

That’s my input.

you might want to add the unofficial wire svn (uwsvn) , too because it has got many handy addons for wiremod. Also it would be cool to add “holoAnim” which is an e2 addon where you can play the animations some props (and ragdolls) got built in. I just know 1 server which has holoAnim…
But when adding the uwsvn, you also should restrict or limit the propcore functions, because… I would then come to your server, be a minge and throw monitors at you with my uber pr0 e2 :wink: jk.

Thx :D! it is a build server! i hate RP.
But while gmod is down i can’t connect to my server and get it up -.-’

but thx again both of you (:!

a server without RP or serious in its name

A server without elitist assholes. Usually sandbox servers are full of them, there’s a few exceptions though.