What is a good site for downloading/uploading skins, other than FPSBanana?

FPSBanana is really lacking in Half-Life 2 skins, so could anybody tell me of a good site that has HL2 skins? Much appreciated.

Also, moderators, I was in doubt if this went in Requests or here, because I’m not requesting a skin or model, I’m asking for a website for something related to skins, so I chose what seemed correct to me. If it’s not in the correct section though, could a mod be kind enough to move it?

I thought this was REALLY obvious:

Garrysmod.org is just full of shitty saves and backgrounds

Oh really? Well, link me to a pistol skin in garrysmod.org.

All of those are SWEPs.


What I am asking for is an alternative to FPSbanana, NOT Gmod files.

Half Life 2 filfront?

I haven’t seen many half-life 2 skins there…

I see quite a lot of them. People just take all the pictures in gmod, doing gmod things.

Have fun, I cannot be arsed to get anymore links.

Garrysmod materials and model files are completely interchangable. Reskins and custom models are all over garrysmod.org separately and as SWEPs. Your only problem is that they’re probably hexed, but this can be fixed easily by hexing the models back–no need to hex materials, the model will call for them automatically.

That’s all you need to know. I won’t give you a hexing tutorial, but I’m sure if you extract the HL2 models with GCFScape and open the models with a hex editor (not notepad, errors can occur), you’ll see the differences. Hint: You won’t need to scroll down at all to see the differences. It’s just the name and 4 symbols before it.

Here’s a hex editor for you.

For some reasons many users haven’t been too smart to catch on that almost all games running on the Source engine have materials and models that are capable of being put into other Source games. The reason why you see all these models and skins in garrysmod screenshots as SWEPs is because people like the skins and models, script them in Lua for garrysmod fun, and hex them to not collide with your stock models. Getting these models into your game is only a matter of calling them in a script to appear in-game, or hexing them to replace a model. In short, Garrysmod=HL2.

Here’s a list of interchangable game models I know of

+Half-Life 2
+Team Fortress 2
+The Ship (not all models, judge.MDL will crash your game)
+Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and 2
+Day of Defeat: Source
+Counter Strike: Source
+Zombie Panic: Source
+Garrysmod 9
+other games and mods I don’t remember.

I’m just putting this down for those annoying users who keep saying models and skins found on Facepunch and garrysmod.org aren’t similar

when they are.


I cant find a download for Cs:s Deathmatch gamemode

try http://www.cdg.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=29

CDG (Clan of the Dead Goat) has some hl2 skins you just needa scavenge for in those forums.