What IS a MingeBag?

Ok, so I have this school assignment where I talk about a random subject. I chose Minges. Since I’ve had little dealing with them (usually banning them the instant they do something suspect), I thought I’d hear what you Facepunchers think. What is it that characterizes a MingeBag?

…Also, this is probably going to get me banned…


Minge is the british term for Vagina.

Mingebag = Vaginabag = Douchebag.

Have fun. :downs:

D’Oh! I knew THAT (Wikipeda)! I meant as in GMod (a-DUUHHH)!

Thank GOD that my teacher is incapable of English…


Garry used it in order to force people to actually change their names back then.
Just like how you’re seeing people with a monkey man scratching his nose as an avatar everywhere. It’s to promote people.

As time passes by in GMod7, there has been a noob’ery’ at a lot of multiplayer servers. Thrusters get removed by a bunch of players, ragdolls lying on each other’s crotches while frozen in the air like frozen bastards. The players of GMod decided to call this Garry’s Mod noob as a Mingebag, considering it’s a name used in case if you’re new to GMod. So it makes you a newbie or a noobie.

People nowadays will no longer have that name(if they do, they’ve done it on purpose) due to Garry’s Mod that is now using your Steam Community profile nickname just like Team Fortress 2.

Mingebags are terrible immature people walking in each server, their goal; to piss the mature players off.

Aptly put. You can also watch War of the Servers to get a good idea of the chaos MingeBags spread.

“Mingebag” is a Gmod noob that crashes servers by spamming the map with chimneys and explosive barrels.
They also like do delete other people’s stuff.
Some of them also like to spam annoying .wav s down the mic.

No… no… no. A minge is hair on a women Vagina. EG Stop eatting your sister minge.

Actually “Minge” Came from indian women in birtain. Though most of us say cunt or pussy these days. So you could refer it to that. The real definition: “Word made up by gayray because he got bored of Unnamed so when diks came on and spammed they got called “mingebags””

Okay, I’m going to PM you with a game played from the ultimate MingeBag’s point of view.

I dare not speak its name here (though it be well-known).

A mingeBag is a newbeginner, a guy that just started playing, they are not evil! I am sick of people banning and kicking mingeBags as soon as they join a server! WAOTS IS JUST A MOVIE! GET HE FUCK OVER IT! LOL

As stated above, nowadays if the player’s name is “MingeBag”, it’s because they wanted it to be. I’d say they would probably be up to mischief.

No such thing as a newbie.

Garry’s Mod uses your Steam community name. If you’re banned for that name automatically, you totally deserved it.

That’s one thing I actually disliked, I miss seeing, “Mingebag has joined the server” The good ol’ days!

It can still happen if you know what I mean.
Mingebags tend to use that name to scare people who take War of The Servers seriously, or to troll/grief a build server. The name ‘Mingebag’ is now used as an identity protector. So people wouldn’t know who you are, unless they’re the admins who memorize/wrote down your Steam ID.

Anybody with this avatar.


THAT is why we ban minges. “GET HE”? Internet slang in all caps? Yeah, that’s a pretty good example of a minge.

Hehe ok… But please! I was playing on a rp server and my friend has just bought gmod 1 day ago! And he joined the server I was on and the admin said: Omg mingebag!
And he instantly banned him!
and I asked why he did it and he answered
Because I don’t want my server to crash!

chuckle if a mingebag is a newbie I guess that I fit the bill. I try not to do anything that will cause issues for the server, but I have noticed that people tend to get pissed if I spawn anything larger than a dumspter. I’ve been cussed, kicked, called a mingebag and banned for trying to build a giant ballista out of telephone poles. What the fuck? What’s up with that shit? Is building on a grand scale punishable by instaban? I’m not trying to be a prick, but if your machine can’t handle rendering objects larger than a freakin dumpster, why the fuck are you hosting a server?


Words of wisdom from Johnny C.

A mingebag? Racial slur. For germans.
Also, you for not knowing.
And i sacrifice smartness to laugh. OH well.