What is currently happening with RUST?

I thought maybe this would be a good way to get at least a tiny bit of information about what is currently happening.

Feel free to post here about what you think it is.

Any OFFICIAL information would be great.


servers are ddosed.

Is that confirmed or just speculation?

On the home page news it says:

'It seems that someone is randoml DDOSing the servers at the moment. So if you can’t join a specific server then we apologise and encourage you to join a different one while you’re waiting for them to get bored and stop attacking it."

Btw, that “randoml” is a typo on the home page.

I tried to find news and stuff about it, sorry I’m really new. :slight_smile:

garry posted that news about servers being DDOS’ed yesterday

they are not normally on the ball with information. it comes out but lags behind awhile. info will be released. most likely every server is being hit tho

Wow it’s so stupid thinking of some fat asses just ddosing the servers for fun.