What is everyones problem with Dark RP?

Please post and vote :slight_smile:

I have two problems with it, despite being a DarkRP server owner.

  1. The code is horrible.
  2. It’s the only thing anybody will play (in general) on garrys mod, which says a lot about our community.

I personally think that there is too much deathmatch. Like say your price for somthing is too high compared to what they want it to cost, they will be a cheap gun and kill you because of that. Sure its bad that there is 12 year old admins and people that can’t even drive are running servers, which are ruining the community. Surprisingly if you get a group of friends to go on a darkrp server one night and you’re the only ones on, it can be fun.

the fact that people with awesome face avatars run them

(only young kids use awesome face avatars)

I only recently started playing RP, and most RP servers being DarkRP, I actually like it.

The easy availability of weapons attracts people who aren’t really looking for true RP, which means there’s DM. I personally have nothing against the code because I believe good RPers can RP fine on DarkRP because they have self control.

It’s either really shitty edits, furrymods, admins that really suck at being admin, or it lags like a bitch.
Also the occasional RDM gets me

Regardless of server, whenever I play Dark RP my screen is constantly flooded with Lua errors. Although, I have found that the only good RP servers are Dark RP modifications. (For where I live, I don’t know about everyone else.)

I think the code is shitty and there is way too many guns.

It’s really not an RP script, but a DM script.

I go on RP soleley to immediately change my job with the “/job” command. I change it to “Communist Radical” and change my name to “Borletski Verkago”. I then go around preaching Communism to the servers and eventually going on raids against the mayor and his bands of hooligan “police”. Got me banned 3 times for calling out bad police. Another time, though, me and 6 other dudes were all "Communist Radical"s and we found a band of Police and gang-shanked them with Knives we bought from an arms dealer.

We were then hunted like dogs for the rest of the game, and one of us had to become a lawyer (then change to “Communist Radical” again) to break us out of jail.

It was fucking amazing :v:

But that happened once, all of the other times it’s something like:

You have been banned
Reason: Shut up commie

I’m not kidding, that happened.

Why do you think that?:v:

There should be a “All of the above” vote option.

Only 2 problems for me is 1. lag. 2. jailing people

Code is nice. Players are bad. I hate people , that rdm you , and then shout : " OMFG NOOBZ NLR CANT HIT ME" ;

Should I make a list or should I just sum it up?

The reason people hate Dark RP…


It generally sucks when you have something you made be compared to Dark RP or Downtown_V2, and people just pick away at what they dislike, and leave you with nothing more than a pile of shit. Not only that people have a tendency to be pissy that their gamemode doesn’t become * as * popular as Dark RP so they resort too calling it, “Dark DM”, “Minge RP”, “Retard Network”.

** 85% Shit, and 25% Awesome. **

This is my main argument for why people hate Dark RP. Just because 85% of the servers are runned by 12 year olds or admin abusing pricks. Don’t get me wrong… When I admined for Dark RP, I generally hanged people for owning more than two money printers(and getting caught) or found the worse way to degrade them in the public eye till I break them to tears or make them rage quit forever.
Now back on topic… 25% of servers are not that bad. Paradox RP, Chupanthingy, and Devine are not half bad. But for every good server comes 10 shitty ones.

Mayor + Retards + Guns = Anarchy

This. This is the reason why I don’t become mayor half the time. Their is too many people who can easily obtain guns, and go on massive killing sprees, and be unchecked without an admin. Now normally I avoid all situations like this by making every gun illegal, and the only people who can purchase ‘military’ grade weapons are Para-military. Not too mention the Para-Militarys usually support me because of this, and end up treating me like a facist leader, and kill anyone whom opposes me. Feels good man…

** Wiremod! **

Oh… My… Fucking… God… This is why I hate a good majority of Dark RP servers. Not because they have wiremod, but the fact theydon’t restrict it truly does bug me. For example, Starless RP. Not a bad server… Could use a few tweeks with the admin crew, but the fact they haven’t restricted wire explosives gives me/others the ability to dupe in explosives with artillery cannons, and basically bombard the server, and kill anyone who disagrees with us. On top of that this also gives people the ability to spawn wire-turrets and go on an rdm’ing spree from hell with a turrets at minimal time, and max killing power.

Ugly UI, immature userbase, and about 75% of DarkRP servers I join are essentially just base wars with weird rules that people use as an excuse to whine fucking constantly (OH NOES HE’S BREAKING EN EL AR WHILE I STEAL HIS PRINTERS BAN HIM<).

Even though I own a crappy Darkrp server (Switching to Tiramisu):

Immature players
Silly jobs

Jobs like Secret Police, Scary Monster are stupid.

And really immature people who need to learn to rp.

IP please. I’ve never seen a tiramisu server that actually has players and I really wanna try it

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do you consider “Combat Medic” a silly job? :buddy:

PeRP is the best Roleplaying Gamemode.

Bloodgasm I started a thread in server called PhoenixRP

DarkRP has always been great fun with decent people.

DarkRP is shit with dumb immature assholes.

Thank you awesome people who know how to appreciate and enjoy things in life, you bring positivity where there isn’t.