What is Garry's dream with this game?

I’ve been looking around, and I haven’t really found what they really want this game to be. I really just want to know why he made the choices for the game he and the studio have made when the game and developing it.

The story of Rust

Rust mind map (public roadmap, spoiler things not listed)

That story of Rust is REALLY outdated, and I KNOW there was a sort of ‘redux’ from Garry where he basically reiterated what he said originally but with relevancy to the games current state. It was either late 2014 or early 2015. If anyone can find it elix, it’s you.

Rust already is what they want it to be. Raiding, no rules, emergent gameplay (people decide what to do and make the game), C4, guns, armor, building bases. It is improving weekly, but pretty much what you see is FP’s vision. The map linked shows other features - base defenses, possible robots to fight. They will add more cool buildings and places. It will get a lot better.

Ever watch Adventure Time’s Grayble episodes? Ever watch that Asperger episode of South Park, where it was revealed that the entire world was made of shit? If so, then you know what I mean when I say let us find the central theme for Rust, and what it means!

So… Garry has a fascination with dicks:

  1. When waterfalls were first added, they came in the form of dick-shaped rocks.

  2. Since Legacy, the game has been well known by both players and critics alike, for being full of dicks.

  3. Now, dick-size is random, meaning we have black guys running around with micro-dicks, Asians running around with manjinas, and white guys with enough packed heat to not even need guns to kill.

  4. On both their Trello on their other mediums for conceptual art, dicks, both physically and in writing/drawing form, are rather prevalent.

  1. On Garry’s Twitter, even when not speaking of Rust, dicks are a rather common topic-item for discussion.

So - we take all that we have learned today in our Remedial corner, and we can deduce that Rust’s central-theme is about dicks. But what does that theme mean? That is what we have not learned yet, and is a mystery that shall haunt us for years to come. Maybe it is a political statement for the male form? Maybe it is a hidden fetish being projected onto a game, so that Garry does not have a psychological meltdown due to not coming out to his friends and family?

Maybe it is a social experiment, showing that our eyes are hidden from the fact that all existence is just one huge pile of dicks, and, in a monumental effort of existentialism, Garry is showing us that we are ultimately dicks ourselves.

I just do not know which is true, or if there is some deeper meaning I have not discerned yet. All I know is that it keeps me up at night. Screaming, and wetting the bed like an infant.

Most of the people who play are dicks, so it all makes sense.

thats deep man!

Emergent gameplay, I never heard of that term before but after looking it up, I think it describes Rust perfectly for me and why it appeals to me so much.

You should post more often.

I think its a multiplayer survival game
just a hunch

You are not the boss of me.

Garry’s dream is multi-platform support without any effort. Basically, this.

The reality however, is this.

If it’s without effort, you tell him how to fix it, then. And stop shitting up every thread you see with complaints about the Linux build ffs

I get that it’s frustrating but you of all people should understand that it’s alpha and shit breaks.

I understand Elix. I’ve been patient for 3 weeks. That is a long ass time, especially in early access.

If I had more to go on with the logs, I would do it. I’ve looked at this from every angle, and the only thing left for me to do about it is post here.

Three weeks is no excuse to shitbump FIFTEEN threads. :goodjob:

Doing so won’t get your problem fixed any faster.

You think this is the only time I have mentioned this?

I mentioned this three weeks ago.

Then a fortnight ago.

Then a week ago.

The “polite” method seems to result in complete ignorance.

Oh, and to revisit an earlier point

That is exactly my point.

Linuxs support does NOT mean just click export on Unity, and then if it fails say “unity bug lol”.

I never said it was easy. It isn’t. It’s easy to dismiss the Linux user base because there are so few of us. That’s what’s easy.

edit: I suppose that is a little harsh, given that it seems there are plenty of other Linux players out there this works fine for :confused:

I just don’t know what to do. I have no problems with any other game or application on my machine. I’ve deleted and reinstalled/verified etc. I’ve downloaded every update on the development-debug branch. I pore over the Player.log every time the game fails to run. Nothing! I just wish I had some kind of hunch to explore.

Linux users are in the extreme minority, especially for gaming. Are you honestly surprised you have had to wait this long?


It says Linux supported on the Steam page, therefore I expect Linux support!

Is that not just a bit… melodramatic? I love Rust, too, but I am not going to get emotional over it - priorities, and all that.

In any case, you are failing to take something into account: development is an active and collaborative process. Garry has not stated that anyone within his Rust team is solely dedicated towards Linux, and since Linux users are a vast minority of players, it would be a sheer waste of resources to dedicate into one team-member.

So taking that into account, and it should be seen that they are having to juggle a ton of shit, with Linux support being one item on a huge to-do list. 3-weeks is not that long, in any development process. Just be patient, and put Rust aside - because I am telling you now, that no game is worth getting so emotional over.

Except it is not. That is the problem.