What is GMod coded with?

im just wondering what gmods made with ive been told its with “Source” and “lua” but i kinda dont realy think its ever of these…

Shit, I don’t understand what the hell are you talking about.

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I think its mainly C/C++. Lua just tells the C/C++ what to do.

GMod is a mod of the Source engine. The Source engine was coded in C++.
Garry just added Lua for the simplicity and addons :downs:

Basicly what I said :wink:

Its made with game maker

I lol’d (yes I know that was a retarded joke).
It’s using the Source Engine by Valve. The Source Engine is in C++.

The LUA is for making garry’s mod addons. Garry coded the LUA into Garry’s Mod.

Garry’s Mod is made out of hours.
LUA scripts

And the secret ingredient…
Soylent Garry’s.

It’s made of 2 parts Mingebag, 1 part lua, 3 parts of Community and 4 parts of User.

10% luck, 20% skill and maybe 15% concentrated power of will? Maybe 5% pleasure and 50% pain but 100% a reason to remember the name?

Lua isn’t that simple, it’s used becuase it’s versatile

Source Engine and Fairy dust.

Its made of win and god. (Win being Lua and god being C++ :D)