What is happening to this amazing game!!!!?????

I look on and theres barely anyone playing for the last couple days when i check there is only 30 people on because people got bored of the game fast and then theres the people that love the game and play when they have the chance! this game needs more players Mods/Admins/Devs im not trying to get banned but i am ranting about the lack of players!!! hundreds of people are dying to play this game as am i and a few friends from Australia, We couldnt get the game coz of the timezone differences so we’ll have to wait but we need to give out more keys the game is slowly dying, This game has Great Potential and a Great Dev/Admin group working on it maybe if we realeased 200 od Beta keys just to bring the player count up. i know from experience no one ever plays on empty servers on other games, Like i said some more keys or maybe Open Registration for a day could add a new amount of players and it wont have 19 survivors itll have more!

19 survivors surviving: myknickers Valter tomel tito Justin Trob7051 Emeon soconnor989 riley9901 jon_spJandles Anonymoushover grooviex ViZORmike CheetoGaming AnonymousSergeant Darktame 09gaming Plummer Faltnor

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like i said seperate timezone if they release some beta keys around 3 hours ago there would be people in the opposite time zones playing

I think a majority of people playing are sleeping right now because of said timezones. I’ve heard talk of 200 people servers during our daytime (I don’t have the game, so I don’t quote me on that).

good. if anything it needs less people that want to just dick off and play it and more people that want to seriously test it. this isn’t even a “game” yet. or at least nothing close to a full game state. it’s an early alpha and practically a concept at the moment.

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also timezones.

It’s 6:20am here.

I agree. But even if that caused too much trouble, they could try and make a system where everyone could join, but when the server reached the limit either people with account that have active keys would be priortized or/and the people in-game that dont have active keys get kicked so the ones with keys can get in. Like you said there havent been many people in the game, and the maximum that Ive seen is about 200. I believe the server can take 300+ so I dont see the trouble in releasing like about 100 keys more. At least to people really interested not to hackers that just want one more account or people who just happen to pass by and get a hold of a key.

its 3:28 PM here… and i would love to test the game so would my crew but we dont get that Privilege

Its funny because more than half of the people that can play the game right now are what you described. There are also hackers.

I prefer less people, in my opinion…

Yah it must be really enjoyable to shoot the air. Thats why you are here instead of playing the game…

Hey dude, wait som 2 or 3 hour and ppl from poland just again start play :stuck_out_tongue: now its 7:40 morning


Okey, its not time i think, its fail try load game --> “[1/3] downloading 99% problem 100% Mesh.Bake PhysX ColisionData” and freze

I kind of agree. It still alpha and when you are killed by some idiots every few minutes you cant really test much stuff. Player killers are making many people give up on games, particularly games still in development, where theres so much you would like to try and not much you can do to protect yourself by in-game items or gamerules. I dont have access to this game yet, so cant tell exactly whats going on now but i hope it will change soon :wink:

I don’t know what their aim is in terms of population density, but only a few small areas of the map are playable, and smaller still spawn resources, so I don’t know that they want more people.

I prefer less people too, I did a lot of wandering last night, and every corner of the playable map is dotted with construction.

It’s 11:23 PM for me, wouldn’t be abnormal if people at this time would be playing the game, I know I would be playing if I had a beta key.

After some more thinking, I probably wouldn’t play the game in it’s current state, probably best to wait until it comes out on steam or into beta/full release.

It beats the hell out of getting shot at spawn every other time. I’m glad I can actually move around right now, rather than having to deal with people just griefing.

Rust is a “shoot the zombies” game, not a “shoot all the players you can” game.

Not according to Garry.

Thats not what Garry said. Even if he didnt say anything, in every video Ive seen of Rust, I only saw one zombie.

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If you dont like it you can give me your account :wink: