Title says all. What is the HITGROUP_GEAR?

It’s a hitgroup. I would assume that it’s when combine are hit to the kevlar.

Or when they’re hit in the “gear”

I think gear is when you hit the held weapon.

A model has defined hitboxes that are assigned a specific region of the body. Head, arms, legs, torso, etc.

Gear would presumably be things like a grenade hanging off a belt, a mask on the shoulder, and so on.

You could use this to make parts of the model ( when used for a player or npc ) be more or less affected by the damage.

Of course, you would need to code it yourself to make it behave differently.

Well I already knew it was a Hitgroup, but its very unclear as to where. I might as well just wait till I get home and whip up a little script for an NPC and shoot him a couple of times to figure out where it is.

It depends on the model. A model might not even have specific hitgroups.

Yep. I already knew all of the hitboxes stuff, but I didnt know exactly where the hitgroup “gear” was. Being so unclear, it might not even be a default hitgroup, and possibly model specific. Ill test it a few times on some NPC’s and let you all know the results. I was just trying to save some time asking FP.
Thanks for the input though guys :smiley:

Ninja’d. Beat me to the Model Specific part.

Rating you funny was not enough. I am still giggling…