What is it you look for in Trouble In Terrorist Town?

Well first thing is first, I look for a good community!!! but apart from that I always like a server with good weapons… traitor weapons, detective weapons, you name it!

But you know, server owners can’t always get it right - so I was wondering, I’d like to know, from you guys, the players, what weapons or weapon Ideas you have? whether it would be for traitors or detectives, let me know!!!

My server already has these weapons http://rg-relaxedgaming.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/3392912-our-custom-traitor-weapons

What do u think I could do i to improve them, or infact what could idea of yours could I add?


Custom weapons ruin TTT.

I prefer a default TTT server, with no seriously serious players who rage even when you kill a traitor.