what is it ?

it just happened after the server lags

Mom?? Is that you?

ITS MANBEARPIG :open_mouth:

Happened to me to…

Zombie Elvis?

oh god please not this again :suicide:

Y do you have to bring this up again

Now Press F1. I noticed that and im getting this major problem.

It’s the shadow of a werewolf obviously. Run.

This is what comes up for me aswell, instead of getting into the game for me. i press ESC and it opens up the menu, i hit play game and a server list comes up but there are no servers there.

Its a werewolf, the next patch will feature werewolfs and vampires and you have to pick which one you want to be as some emo chick picks between which one she would rather screw… or was that a movie I watched with scipio.

But what reason would it be there for? Since at that point I cant leave that page without closing the browser

This will be one of the first rare spawn bosses in RUST. I read about this on some Rust Site. Apparently they had info proving this. Its coming but has not been implemented yet.

i belive it when i see a source :smiley:


That’s the main menu background of rust.