What is layer ID for SetLayerDuration?

What is layer ID for SetLayerDuration? and what it does?

Found this description in


What exactly are you trying to do?

I’m trying to make player stand still and doesn’t breath (idle animation)

There is SetPlaybackRate in GAMEMODE:UpdateAnimation, but it seems like work with all other animations, but idle.

You could try doing Entity:SetCycle(0) every frame.

doesn’t help, furthermore iconedior has progressbar when you can set cycle wherever you want, if you stop it on some kind of gesture animation like attack, dance, reload etc… it stops, but when you’re doing this with idle animations it doesn’t do anything.

I don’t think you can actually do that with how the idle animation is set up for player models.

It technically plays regardless of what the current active animation is, so simulate the “breathing” of a player.

Yeah seems like that, it will be changed?