What is "McM" server ?

Hello ! I can’t find any info about this server on facepunch. Sorry if this question have got many respond on past but me i can’t find this info and sorry for my language. Thank guys

The McM server is a player owned server

Sorry i don’t understand, you mean player versus server ? simply like player versus enemy ? If i knew was that, i wasn’t create a new thread. Thx

No no , he means some one is paying to have that server hosted.

Ok thx. In my mind my first idea was good but with your strange language I never know :wink:

Our strange language? Calling another language strange is just ignorant. Your lack of knowledge of the language is strange. He said it in simple English, which even a fresh learner of English would know.

How do you get player versus server from player owned server?

I wrote this with a smiley with one eye close, it mean ironic…
And i study history of language, Mesopotamian people mainly how language extended trought all people. The sumerien and other people like them. But i study IN french so i know already some word in english, for me is already a good thing :slight_smile:
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Simply cause i don’t understand directly “owned” and if you don’t known this word sentence takes on another meaning ( this 5 last word was traduct by google and i think is shit)

i’m not familiar with english but i don’t always use google trad, sometime he give me lot of shit.

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you guys need to chill the fuck out, after trying to learn german, it’s strange as shit to me. relax jesus

No need to take offense parrot :wink:
The way the English language is worded it can be quite strange and hard to comprehend/understand when comparing it to another language.

Just got to sit back a bit and reflect* see where demosthen is coming from :smiley: instead of taking what was said out of context. :smiley:

English is easy to understand

And it’s a man crush Monday server.

Wednesday will be woman crush Wednesday obviously…

Do you not keep up with Twitter trends? #outoftheloop

[sp]I went there. [/sp]

See?Threads got shittier because of such simple silly reply

I play on the server. The clan said that they paid for the server box that can host up to 2 servers and sometime in the next 1 or 2 weeks when its added to steam they will receive moderator controls. As for now it’s just another sleeper server with no moderation.

For future reference, smiley’s don’t help people understand what a post means.

They’re spammed too much in the Rust section for them to mean anything.

Thank you for the explication

ok i understand it for the next time, so hard to do ironic in my language and i tent in other language maybe i’m a fool

Thx guys