What is needed for a darkrp and stranded server? Not a install help question.

Well I got a vps and I got my server setup and can connect too it. My question is what addon should I have for the server? I will be running both a darkrp server and a stranded server so what do you think I should put on it? Do I need the models from all the games and such? Right now i’ve added the content for CS:S, DoD:S, HLMP, TF, is all that needed or is that just going to cause logins to take a long time?

As far as addons I’ve got Smartsnap, ULX, Wiremod, thinking of throwing PCmod2 on there, any others I should put on?

Any suggestions on maps for the rotations?

Suggestions for addons: Conna’s tools, Fading Doors Tool, Keypad Tool, Stacker, Easy Precision Tool.

What was mentioned above and smart snap is a useful addon.

Forgot the Stacker, Easy Precision Tools, will add them right away, as well as smart snap. Haven’t heard of Conna’s tools, fading doors, or keypad? A quick google showed Fading doors and keypad to be part of Conna’s tools? Do these have SVNs?

Conna’s Fading Door is the only one that still works, no SVN.
You can find the a Keypad on garrysmod.org.

Though. I would suggest a different admin mod rather than ULX, maybe Evolve.