What is needed to make a death ragdoll for a Garry's Mod Player Model

I decompiled all the default Garry’s Mod files in order to add another animation but somewhere along that process the death ragdoll broke so that now the model just T poses till I move or respawn. How can I get this working again?

Good luck.

To answer your question, the model must have a physics mesh ( i.e. be a ragdoll )

If you were messing with Gmod’s core files, try verifying integrity of game cache.

I believe that is what you’re asking? Sorry, the question is a bit hard to make out.

What I meant was, when the player died with these recompiled models there is no death ragdoll being made. I’ve decided to go with a lua workaround instead though.

If you spawn the model via the Q menu, does it ragdollize? If not, then you probably forgot/removed the bone constraints from your QC or, like Robotboy said, your physics mesh.

I’ve figured it out, in the qc file of the ragdoll I had to $include “/Humans/[gender]/ragdoll.qci” which is found here. Also did the same with commonbones.