What is nexus

What is the nexus gamemode. When i goto add addons in my server
Nexus Severence
Nexus Novustwo
Nexus Framework
Show up and i wanted to know that they were and if there any good


Roleplay gamemodes developed by Conna, rather good, complex framework that teaches you a bit how files can be organized. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s like walking through a dark maze without a flashlight, and every corner has a pitfall. I’d recommend searching Google about Nexus backdoors though, since Conna put them in as ‘security measures’, even though they were released.

I just talked to Conna (yes hes on my friends list)and he says he didnt make it. I thought that KuroPixel made it.

Conna and Kuro are the same person. You must have a different Conna on your list.

They aren’t even “rather good”. They destroy the concept of RP, you do not get real freedom in it, you are forced to play in a certain way, using all the unnecessary bloat that Conna adds to all his gamemodes.

Technically he is breaking the EULA by selling it, Sourcemods, and by extensions, mods of Sourcemods must be released free of charge. The only reason Garry can charge is because he is renting the Source engine source code to make GMod work better. Other mod developers cannot charge for their mods, so why should someone get away with charging for a mod that requires their mod?

They shouldn’t, but they do.

There’s a new unoffical support site for nexus\blueprint here

They have all the downloads there.

They’re is really no point, people ask again and again for help with it, And when these things appear no-one joins them.

Its kinda like you made that site and your pushing for people to use it lol

no… im the 2nd account on there- i wouldn’t be suprised if you did it tbh, you were always the script kiddie lax, i bet you still have a huge archive full of em.

you have been advertising it in every nexus thread almost.
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