What is "nuke-proof"?

What is it that makes a material nuke e.g. Nuke Pack 4 or Garry’s Bombs 3 resistant (more specifically effective at shielding the player from damage)? Or is it physical distance that also determines the effectiveness of a barrier?

Common nuke addons like the “Nuke Pack” work by applying force and damage over a distance from the location the entity hit. Because this works on the level of the weapon, there is no way to make a prop resistant to this amount of force unless you:
A) Weld the prop down with a permanent weld.
B) Freeze the prop with the phys-gun.
Other than that, dependent on how strong the force is that is being applied, distance is the only other factor. I recommend that if you’re trying to build something, you do so in single player or on a server without nuke-mods.

I believe the nuke pack breaks all welds and freezes.


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