What is Phase Four?

I was thinking about putting Phase Four on my server after my friend’s are telling me its a good OpenAura Schema, but when I go to ask him what the gamemode is about they all come up with different answers.
So can one of the people here tell me what exactly it is? Thanks :slight_smile:

An “experiment”.

It’s a survival gamemode. Everyone is a ‘test subject’.

You can make factions (a gang) and invite others into your faction and obviously work as a group, farm money to buy weapons/items etc.

You can also purchase suits which boost your stats up.

This gamemode is highly exploitable! I used to run a very successful community using this gamemode before everyone found exploits for this gamemode. Only a few of these exploits are patched, there’s still some out there.

Thank you!

PhaseFour is DarkRP running on OA, don’t care what anyone else says, that’s what it is.