What is point of Propkilling?

Thread says all.

İ am getting all these “propminges,propkillers etc.” on my server usually and i am trying to talk to them instead of banning them without listening.But mostly they just join and start propkilling so i ban them.

Anyways what is the point of propkilling?

What is the point of ruining rp for others.?

A large portion of Garry’s Mod users are uncreative and can’t have fun in-game unless it is actively ruining game for someone else.

It can be really fun if you’re good at it.
Back in the day there used to be prop kill clans. The two big ones being PoKi and Millefiore.

These communities have died out, and most experienced prop killers have left GMod afaik.

Proper prop killing goes far beyond dropping a toilet on someone’s head

(skip the huge intro in this one)

Here’s an “official” fight between two experienced prop killers. I just barely lost this one:

'twas a good fight.

But it is not a reason to ruin roleplay experience i think.They are soo bad that if you ban them they ddos your server.Few days ago i banned a propkiller he is ddosing my server for 2 days now.

Why dont they play poki again or why no one is hosting poki gamemode again lol.

Because people like to ruin the fun for others, and they get a kick out of it. Either they’re a bunch of manchildren, or are children themselves.

I think the biggest problem with prop killers comes from the ones that spawn toilets above peoples’ heads. They don’t know what they’re doing. They barely manage to kill someone. There are few experienced prop killers as far as I’m aware. There used to be more of them.

DDoS’ing is bad regardless of the reason.

Speaking of that, do propkill servers still exist? I enjoyed playing on them regularly.

I honestly don’t know.

They really dont know what they are doing.
İ am trying to find solution but Anti-Propkills are bad since i see that you can just exploit it :smiley:

“Roleplay experience”

because it’s funny

I played on a prop kill server last night. They are still around.

Good spectate mods. They’re the best tool around. FAdmin has it too.
I don’t think I know a mod that does it as good as FAdmin does (undetectable, free roaming etc.)

There’s at least 2 propkill servers in australia, the PK community is still alive and well here
we don’t seem to see any international propkillers anymore though

Yeah, last time I used it I could see local chat whilst using it - if I remember right. Not sure though, but it’s damn good.

Honestly? It’s hilarious.

Yeah, I put quite some effort into it :slight_smile:

The biggest problem with prop killers is that they simply do it to ruin for others. I wouldn’t care jack shit if all prop killers went on the same server and had a prop killing war. Having a 1v1 prop killing fight is something I would cherish, but not annoying an innocent sandbox builder that simply wants to explore E2.

It’s gmod after all, it wouldn’t be the same without minges.
Just have administrators that don’t suck and you’ll be fine. And if you don’t have those administrators, they will learn from those experiences and make your sever better as a whole. If they don’t learn from it, they suck and probably shouldn’t be admins in the first place.

How was it even possible for me to do this for like 15min without being banned. (I’m not even good at propkilling)

I lik reading FPtje’s posts. He’s like an old gramps telling us yougins about the undergone history of Gmod that’s only documented in the memories of those who were there.