What Is Rebel Resistance...

Hey! This is not a Gamemode!

The video is an (poorly done, stupid, and overly unpunny) attempt to show us a contentless trailer for an “upcoming gamemode”. While I do agree that the poster is dumb for thinking a 3 minute long video of bad comedy that doesn’t get to the point of the teaser until 2 and a half minutes, it is a gamemode. From watching that heap of shit, I deciphered that it is a “upcoming” deathmatch gamemode with team based play that will release in September. I don’t see any evidence of this, so it is up to speculation whether this is a dumb person, a troll, or an actual gamemode.

Get this shit out of here

Hi all. I have to apologize for posting this. I was a bit wasted and thought it was a lot funnier than it actually is. This is a real game mode that is in production, actual real content will soon follow.

Feel free to close this thread as it is pointless.

I dunno. I enjoyed it.

I guess I might’ve cause I too am drunk.