What is Rust? for real.

Rust is turning into a money thief. Gary most likely purposely waited till everyone would want a key then when everybody wanted to play Rust he released the Dutch Auction and makes thousands. I made a post earlier titled “Naked Cavemen” Where I complained about the nudity. Then Gary said something that’s completely off-topic and then said “Get over it” Very unprofessional don’t you think? And if you want to complain to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v50dVvai5to

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"Waa waa the game is not catering to me and the devs are doing what they wan’t.

Also people were bitching for keys even though they were told it’s not worth it. Nobody to blame but themselves. Get over it.

What is wrong with him selling his own product? The dutch auction is a brilliant idea.

I wish these shitty Rust threads would stop showing up in fp_read.

Rust is a game about the future cause garry knows the future.

It’s Garry’s forums. He can do whatever the fuck he want.

And everyone already wanted a key, he just started selling them so we could get more people to test.

As I say to everyone. You bought pre-access to an early alpha. You are entitled to nothing but a key when the game comes out.

I’m happy to support the devs by buying a key!

Alright fine. I apologize. It would still be nice to get a more professional answer.

Professional is boring.

Same here, im happy to support the devs, no worrys paying, paying money = a better game in the end.

stop playing if the game is bothering you so much…

It’s not turning into a money thief, as garry said before, you don’t have a gun pointed to your head and make you pay for this, if you want to play the game right now, you have to buy a key.
Also, I don’t think Garry would just diss Rust, considering how it’s Pre-Alpha and already making thousands.
And so what if Garry is making thousands of something he (And his devs) made? They can do whatever they want with their game, this game isn’t for you.