What is Rust?

As someone who has Spent a good few hours playing rust it has just come 2 me, exactly what is the point in rust? Is this a twisted Truman show where we are at the mercy of outside forces? Or even some sort of social experiment? What do u guys think?

It depends on what you make out of it.
For me Rust is about getting new friends and foes,
having a lot of fun for the reason of voice and acting.
I’ve been entertaining other random players by guitar.
It is truly a great game and unique. I hope that zombies
will never be added, because that makes the game like all
other Zombie Survival Games into a KOS field.

Yeah I also hope zombies don’t come back (I love zombies) just no place for them in rust IMO. But what I mean is what kind of backing story will they add (if they do). I know the game is a long way from this stage but It gets u thinking does it not? What route will they go down?

For me it is an opportunity to realize some creativity. I think you can come up with different stories about the origin of the world of this game. Fill it exactly these things about which you dreamed. I enjoy doing things like this, despite the fact that on my server is still no one (maybe just so no one)

It’s all up to you.

I think it might be some sort of experiment like the Truman Show or its a prison with criminals that got their memory deleted.

I’ll take your idea to my table)

Yeah dude I’m thinking they are experimenting with us just 2 see exactly how far mentally you can push the human mind, whilst still having the victims(Us In this case) coming back for more. Sounds a bit twisted but that’s my view.
Kenpachi what u describe sounds a lot like the Stanford prison experiment!

The point is: you start naked with a shlong and kill stuff to be not naked anymore!

Soon that schlong aint gonna be for all :smug:

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…or perhaps Garry just watched too much Lost… :shock: