What is so appealing?

So there has to be a reason why over 1000 people can be seen viewing and making posts in this section. So I thought “well gee these people must be bored sitting around asking for keys all of the time”

So that brings me here to ask all of you newfriends, what makes rust so appealing to you? What drives your key wanting ambitions? How did you find out about the game? Since there is nothing else to do here but complain about not having keys and or drawing pictures to try to get keys, why not explain why this game is what you need to have or have to need.

Maybe they cant afford dayz or minecraft and want a key for free…

DayZ is a free mod, and people with average pay checks can afford to buy Minecraft if they wanted to.

You have to buy the Arma 2 expansions to play DayZ.

They still need Arma 2 to play it, and most of the key beggers are probably kids and their parents wont buy them a combat simulator. Idk just a wild guess

Or maybe it just looks like a cool game?

I know, but he wasn’t speaking about ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead, if you would read you can clearly see he was stating that “they” cannot afford DayZ and DayZ is a free mod updated free by the community.

I just really want to be part of this so I can actually get my name out there on youtube… :frowning:

Idk, current games exept for The Last Of Us which I played are all so freaking boring, and this game seems to combine certain things I like.
Also, most games nowadays are ALL about Zombies (The last of us is a differend story… Inb4 flame), this game has zombies, but in a mild way,more balanced so to say.

Posting a video on YouTube about Rust won’t give you 53 million subscribers. :v:

Rust was one of those games that was better because it was low key.

Now the lets play audience has invaded it.

Well the mod DayZ doesn’t work without the expansions so the mod alone is useless.

Does not change the fact that it is a free mod for ArmA 2: OA.
Edit: I guess you are butthurt about this, i’m not discussing this further.


Dumb x 1 (list)

While it is true that some kids (I am speaking 12 Y.O.) are constandly beggin, which is anoying, it is also true that kids at that age just can’t get such games from their parants and want to play a what looks like an awesome game and go beggin becouse this is they’r only chance in getting such game for a short period of time.

At 14 or older parants most of the time are more loosely on such things, thats how things go.

I got to say the main reason I want to play the game is because I freaking love crafting games. there’s not a lot of 'em out there. And I already played Minecraft and the DayZ mod but those didn’t seem as good as Rust seems.

I don’t care what he said. “Maybe they cant afford dayz”
I care about what he meant. And when he said this he included arma 2 and OA.

For some reason, every new “survival” games gets really popular, and youtubers makes videos of them, and they get even more popular.
I have no idea why some people are so hyped, some even offers over 200 dollars to get a key, its weird.

Then you shouldn’t have started an unnecessary discussion.

Everyone understood what he meant.
Unless you’re a robot which can’t think on its own.

which can’t think ON* its* (not it’s, because that is it is) :v: