What is Spacebuild?

I’ve just learned about space build for garrys mod but as soon as i enter a server or look into it i get a it overwelmed with people creating complex life support systems and the tons of mods out there related too it.

Could someone simplify this for me? what are the basic mods that I need to get and what is spacebuild in his simplest form.


Spacebuild Enhancement Project, Life Support (Depending on version), Same with Resource Distribution, and Stargate for some.

SpaceBuild is simply a gamemode that you can build in space. Majority of maps people play on, are sb_ maps.
Life Support gives you a set of props used to survive in space.
Resource Distro is a required addon. It controls how Air/Coolant/Energy/Water moves and fills up tanks and shit.
Stargate isn’t required. It can be used in Sandbox mode.

A good, stable version is V2. Search around Facepunch or the internet for links. Latest version is V3, but it seems to be… not working. The latest version of SpaceBuild is in Addon format instead of a gamemode. Hard to find.

Simple enough?

ya thanks =) i should be able to find my way now =)


what is sbep? i’m told to get it for a server but when i search for it on garrysmod.com i get a few different packs, do i need to download all of them or are they just addons for the origonal sbep?

Do a google for ‘sbep svn’ and choose the first link

Should tell you everything you need to know