What is that cop model?

I’ve never watched any of Detective Nigbones stuff, i think i might start thought,
For some reason i find this stuff funny.

But i saw these police models in his newer stuff and i was wondering where to get them.

It looks like a headhack of the citizen model, so you might be able to find it over at garrysmod.org or on the workshop.

Whenever i search it, i ether get the crappy NYPD models, or Metropolice reskins.

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Here another picture of them.

Check the SFM workshop then, it might be there instead. If it’s not, you could always try SFMLab (though I’d advise being wary of the content on that site, quite a bit of NSFW content there). If you still can’t find the models, then consider sending them a message or leaving a comment asking about the models.

It’s Bloo’s RPD.

Can you give me a link? Google ain’t giving me anything.

I don’t think there was an official release.

What about the regular NYPD models?
Whenever i try to use them, they don’t have faceposing and have a glitch at the neck

I don’t know about regular ol’ Half Life 2 heads, but i know that Bloocobalt’s citizen heads aren’t SFM compatible because of how the QC flex data and VTA are done, so you will have to decompile any models that uses his heads and fix 'em up

I wrote down some notes on how i fixed his Enhanced Citizens for the SFM workshop

Additionally, if the model doesn’t cast shadows properly or at all, you’ll need to add $mostlyopaque to their QC

The Enhanced Citizen’s work totally fine for me, it’s even casting shadow’s
Its just the cop doesn’t have faceposing and the neck thing, but he is casting a shadow.

But i don’t know anything about model editing. So i don’t really know about that decompiling thing.

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It kinda sucks when there’s this cool thing and people don’t share.

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This is the pack i’m using if someone can look at it.

It also sucks when people make the assumption that something wasn’t released because the person in question that made it simply didn’t want to share when it actually wasn’t released for different reasons. The last I remember hearing, they weren’t completely finished, so it makes sense that they haven’t been released yet. Bloo Cobalt’s not one to half-ass a release, so long delays are expected.

If I remember correctly, those models are actually set up similarly to the enhanced citizens. If you’re using those in SFM, you’ll probably have to do what Masterlegodude mentioned in their post in order to fix them.

Well, he have the models to Nigbone, was it just some deal they got? He’s letting him use the models a little earlier?

And i don’t know what i’m doing with the head fixing thing.

If I remember correctly, there’s several members around here (Bloo Cobalt included) who give specific people a sort of beta pack for models that aren’t released yet in order to work out any other kinks that they might not have noticed when working on the models by themselves. If Nigbone happens to have those models, it’s more than likely that they’re probably using a beta pack to help test the models, but is still implementing them for their videos.

Can someone give an alternative than? Any good police models our there?

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